Monday, January 10, 2011

I have an unnatural relationship with my couch

So when we got our little trailer in the woods, we needed a couch. I took great pride in finding one at a local consignment store. It looked really good: clean, neutral color, kinda puffy. Cool.

Look Honey – only $250 dollars for a SLEEPAWAY sofa! How great is that?

Now can you make it fit in your truck and haul it up to the mountains?

Never in my life have I been so tortured in a sitting position.

This couch hated us. It would literally push its cushions and our asses to the floor.

Or you would start out sitting, but find yourself slumped in a very odd position, only your neck keeping you “upright”.

So, then you would try lying down. Uh. Well, only if you can “rest” with one foot on the floor.

We tried everything. Propping up the front legs, removing some of the stuffing, velcroing the cushions.

This “bargain” was sheer torture.

So we went to Macy’s furniture department during a sale.

And found a couch. A big, beautiful, comfy couch.

But due to our recent “couch misstep” I was leary. So we left.

And went back with our Kindles and iPhones, explaining to the saleslady that we would be needing some “time” with the couch before we could make a decision.

We bought the couch.

The only problem now?

I love this couch so much, my husband has to get up in the middle of the night (while I’m sleeping IN THE BED) to lie on it.

My children aren’t allowed on it, while I’m on it. It turns out, I’m on it a LOT. (Hey they’re kids – they can sit in chairs or the window seat!)

The best part? It’s leather, meaning just a quick wipe with a cloth and Voila! Mommy’s drool stains are gone!

I love my couch.


  1. Hahaha, I love my couch A LOT too. I can't stay awake on it - it's too comfortable. I can't ever watch a whole movie on DVD while on it - I have to keep myself bolt upright or else I go to sleep before the movie ends!!

  2. LMAO Great post. I've had one of those couches that push you off, or they completely swallow your ass to the point you can't get up without help. Thanks for the laugh. I definitely needed it!

  3. Nothing is better than the perfect new couch!!!

  4. Isn't there some sort of condition, which was on the show Boston Legal, where you have inapporpriate emotional relationships with inanimate objects? I'm so happy to know I'm NOT ALONE!!! Dee Dee


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