Sunday, December 12, 2010

24 hours in Glowie’s Life. Help me!

So I’m waiting to pick up my Blondie, my older daughter, at Middle School, when my phone rings.

“Oh Shit,” I say to the Mom I’m talking to, “that’s the elementary school. This is NEVER good!”

I’m waiting to hear: “Blah, blah, blah . . . Fell off the monkey bars again.” OR: “Blah, blah, blah . . . projectile vomiting.”


What I hear is the principal, identifying himself all formal-like saying: I have Glowie here in the office with me.

Uh. Okay. Is it a skinned knee or the next version of the swine flu? And why is the principal calling me?

Glowie is being “counseled” today about the choices she made on the playground. A little boy wouldn’t stop knocking down her sand castles. (Hey, my kids don’t get to the beach much. #never) So she stood up, all 34 pounds of her, and kicked the crap out of some kid who double outweighed her. Of course then the little boy turned around and shook her silly.

So they both got called in. Parents were called. Recesses were missed.

I apologized and thanked him. I also told him we would be discussing this at home and there would be some kind of consequence or follow up. Cuz that’s the right thing, right?

So I have a conversation with her about choices. What could she have done? Well, she asked him to stop and he did it again. She told the playground lady, who told him to stop, but then he went back and did it again.

“I just wanted him to stop Mommy.”

Yeah, I got it kid. And I want to be thin. Sometimes you gotta work with the circumstances you’ve got. Sometimes, my Little Glowie: You need to walk away.

So she has to write a letter to the principal and to the little boy, apologizing for making the choice that she did make.

In the privacy of my bedroom? There was a small victory dance being done. Cuz I LOVE a kid that solves problems and stands up for herself.

But of course, kicking is wrong. #stilldancing

Btw, the next morning? Glowie was receiving an award for being the Author of the Month. She wrote a five page essay about our family values. And she didn’t mention the word “martini” once.

Gold Star Baby! Gold Star.


  1. Aww she sounds like such a good kid :)
    I think that's a great way to approach conflicts - talking about 'choices' I mean - although kicking does sound fun. Don't you just wish you could do that in the adult world sometimes?

  2. Hmm, I think I'd be throwing sand in the little boy's eyes, but I'm just mean today.

  3. Remember Murphy Brown? She used to say anthing that popped into her head. Very cathartic, very funny and very UNREAL.

    I do have a lot of face pinching fantasies . . . but that's just how I am.

  4. Sometimes kids do what we wish we could... well looks like her writing skills will improve even more with the essay! ;)

  5. Glowie sounds perfect for me - can I borrow her for about a week? I figure that is about how long it will take for her to kick the you know what out of everyone I know who won't "stop it"!

  6. Ya know, I have a really hard time faulting Glowie for kicking some bully arse. I hope the boy had to write a few letters himself for provoking her.

  7. I love it!

    Why do we always have to pretend to be on the opposing side of our children especially our daughter's taking up for themselves.

    I hope Glowie maintain's being this way about life.

  8. Yay Glowie! She sounds like a very special little girl & one that will be able to take care of herself. That is very good...


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