Sunday, February 6, 2011

Soccer – The Sport That Ate My Family.


Every family does it. At least once.

Some families do it with more zest than others.

We are one of the families that does it with less zest.

My Blondie, 11 years old, has a lot of athletic ability. No aggressiveness though.

So we thought Soccer would really play to her strengths while helping her through some of her shyness, and timidness.

And now we have no family time.

Cuz there are those practices two times a week. (And I get it. I shouldn’t complain.

She is practicing on a dark field in PALM SPRINGS! There is no ice, no biting wind, no snow.) And those game(s) on Saturday. (Where you must wear sunscreen, have plenty of water and need sun-protective headwear.)

However, when you add that in with Glowie’s ballet, each girl's piano lessons, saxophone lessons, after school activities, homework . . . well, it feels as though there is nothing left.

Like a leisurely Saturday.

But, no worries. Cuz it’s almost over.

Except Blondie’s team is undefeated. And now they are in tournament play.

And what parent has secretly wished for their kids team to lose . . . so it can be over.

But since Blondie has been working so hard on improving her game . . . she has been selected to be on the Select Soccer team.

Meaning this is not almost over. Oh no.

Why, we have only just begun.

#Dear #God #Help #Me


  1. Well, congratulations, Blondie! You go! And, Mom, you are the best for sticking with it and giving her all the opportunities to succeed. Kudos to you both!

    A nice Martini will make it all better tomorrow.

  2. I'm taking my kid to visit a karate class today. So far my kids haven't done any sports. I know they need to but I am not looking forward to carting them around.

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  4. I remember that more than once I have secretly wished for the loss of a game! I guess many of us have done that at one time or another... but sports really are so important so it is good you are a good mom!

  5. Dear Weekend. If only we could have a drink together to soften the guilt of secretly praying for them to "miss that goal" dammit!

    Slow Panic. I laugh hysterically at the thought that once you start sports, life as you know it is over. (Giggling maniacally!)

    Jerry - I love you. And you are not providing me with enough vodka. #justsayin


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