Sunday, March 6, 2011

You Know You’ve Got It Good When . . .

You Know You’ve Got It Good When . . .

I’ve got it good.

I knew I was living the good life when I got a TV in my bathroom. To me, that is the mark that I’ve “made it.” It is also how I fit in so much TV watching into my very busy daily schedule. Now bathing is NOT so tedious any longer when I can do it with "The Real Housewives!"

Now, I’m not a “shower me in diamonds” kinda girl.

Well, there was my engagement ring. I did want a diamond for that. Actually, when my husband asked me: “If you ever get married again, what kind of diamond would you want?” I replied without missing a beat: “I want a diamond as big as my head.”

I was quite clear about this.

And boy, did he deliver! I have the mother of all diamonds (hey, I’m not talking the scorned-wife-of-Kobe –Bryant-big, and Liz Taylor isn’t actually crippled with envy).

It’s big to me and it makes me happy.

This year, after 15 years of good marriage (note that I don’t say “happy.” You don’t get “happy” for 15 flipping years. But you can have “good.” If you have a great therapist!) my husband bought me a diamond necklace.

Prior to this I never gave a shit. But I LOVE this necklace.

So I have a TV in my bathroom, a diamond necklace, a house (that the bank, ever so mercifully let’s us live in) and all the vodka money can buy.

I may have a titanium spine, a ceramic hip and a kid that will be riding in a car seat until she goes to college. I may have problems with ah, shall we call it, over-rigidity?

But in the Big Picture kinda way?

I love my husband, my kids are in a good place, it is the most beautiful time of the year in Palm Springs.

So what you may ask, what could I possibly want for my birthday? This girl that has it so good?

An iPad.

Cuz I always want something. #Dammit.


  1. Watching Bethenny Ever After and it made me think of you, made me think of us, we had/have such a great thing. I miss you and that husband and those children every second of every day! Sorry there wasn't an I Pad in that box I sent you last week! Hugs!

  2. Honey - that gift box was better than an iPad. Anyone who gives me Toilet Paper and Pop Tarts for a present totally gets me. xxx

  3. Love, love, LOVE your blog! Could you be my sista from another mista? In my book, you are a rock star w/tv in bathroom...Damn, now do I need to request this to my hubby? Glad I found you (somehow). Looking forward to keeping up with your posts. I think you might enjoy my blog too And by the way; last night I made the mother of all martinis called the Fairy-tini! It had bubble gum flavored vodka in it!!



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