Thursday, January 5, 2012

Martinis, Tinkle and Excitement! My Book is Here!!!

Ahhh!!! I did it. I wrote my book, in-between napping and yelling at my kids. Okay, okay - there were cocktails too. But never enough . . .

The Dee View is published and OUT THERE!

Me however? I’m so excited (and nervous) that there is a little tinkling going on. #oops

I’m so proud I should be strutting like an Amazon Goddess. (Chapter Four.) But really? I’m hiding in a corner in my closet!

So if you want a little bit more of The Dee View: A Bitter Mommy in Search of the Perfect Martini – check it out!

99 Cents. My Honeys! I’m giving it away! (OK – not the first time I’ve said that.)

Cheers! Dee Dee


  1. Thank goodness! I've missed you so. I'm gonna go buy it right now. Have been on twitter a while because hubby was diagnosed with leukemia in October and that has thrown us but it is treatable and he is doing well. In the meantime I've checked my goggle reader feed on feedler ipad for updates about the book. Congratulations! Kinda like giving birth, huh? Smooches, Candy Apple

  2. You must be having a busy summer since it is school time again!


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