Friday, May 24, 2013

Holly Shit Batman - We're going to NYC!!!!!

A little something to take the edge off..... family is going to New York. Next weekend.

I don't do anything at the last minute.  Nothing. Ever.

Im supposed to be on the Today Show. Its the supposed to that is killing me. 

That whole TV Morning News Shows production thing is all about flexibility. And it turns out? They dont care about my rigidity issues.

I like to think I'm structured and yes, the word "controlling" has been used in reference to me.

Something about the way I have white boards and flip charts mapping out our families daily, weekly and monthly schedule.

Hey, Ive even been known to chisel things in stone. Then I like to carry the big stone tablets around with me. (Moses-complex anyone?)

But Im not all THAT rigid.  I do use a variety of colored markersflexible, right?

OK, so by now you may have figured out that maybe doesnt really fit with my world view!

So this trip is completely out of my comfort zone.  But OMG I may get a chance to be on national TV. For 8 nanoseconds.

Those 8 nanoseconds?

I am nothing if not a person who makes a Big Flipping Production (known as BFP syndrome) out of everything!

So we are turning this into an Epic Adventure, BFP Style.

My daily life idea of adventure is … dining in Rancho Mirage, 20 minutes from downtown Palm Springs. 

Here’s my Rancho Mirage travel check list:

·         I pack trail mix and an extra bottle of water to get there.

·         And I charge all my devices to 100%.

·         And I check the emergency supplies in the back of the Van.

But enough about Rancho Mirage.  Back to NYC!

We decide to take the kids out of school for three days.  (Hey, I figure three days right before school lets out? They'll live.)

We cash out every mile we have ever earned on a credit card weve had for 15 years.   That was a lot of house payments, dog food and botox Baby! 

We book a hotel room.  (Jesus - that's a ton of dough for a tiny, little space. Id prefer a suite with two bathrooms, but then Id have to sell my house.  Then where would I live when the four nights in NYC were over?)

And we leveraged the girls college funds to get four tickets to a Broadway matinee.  (Sorry Girls.  Lets talk about honing your bartending skills. Im all about raising independent self-reliant young women. Now seems as a good a time as any to begin.)

Now this seems like a lot of work for a few days.

But you know what?  Thats what we do in our Big Flipping Production family.

And besides? Manhattan and Broadway and the Statue of Liberty (I do love a plus-size statue!)? all on our family bucket list. 

So bring it on.

We'll see a show.  Dine somewhere. See a sight.

Fight over the bathroom.

Well watch the Today show IN PERSON. Maybe Ill even get in FRONT of the damned camera. (Not the iPhone camera. Thats a given. The big one with the red light.) 

Maybe there's a museum in there. And clearly, some orthopedic shoes will be necessitated.

But we are having an adventure.

For now? I'm making a check list. 

On a flip chart.

And sniffing the markers to get me through.


PS:  Just got the call! Tuesday morning on the TODAY show!!! Trying to book a quick face-lift for this Friday