Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dee Dee’s Guide to Palm Springs

·         Tropicale Dining and Lounge – Best Bar Food in PS.  Great restaurant too, but if I can get all my needs met at the bar?  All the better.  I love the wedge, the sliders and the Vietnamese spring rolls.  (760) 866-1952. Amado Rd, Palm Springs
·         Jakes – Tell them Dee Dee sent you.  Easy and always delicious – lunch and dinner.  Great, casual, really sweet, outdoor setting, intimate but still has a great vibe! (760) 327-4400
·         Jaio/Birba/Cheekys – all three owned by the same awesome woman.  This is some great food!  Birba – have the Tri-color salad with the braised greens pizza, then see if you don’t love me even more!!  Oh, and get a Hello Nancy – some grapefruit cocktail that is so yummy going down. 
·         Farm to table fresh Vienemese Food – holy crap, this stuff is great!!!  I promise.
·         Cheekys – always a wait, but worth it for the best breakfast ever.  That bacon? Dear God…the best thing EVER!!!  (760) 327-5678
·         Miro’s – off the beaten path – over by Steinmart.  The best stroganoff you will ever eat.  Goulash, this bell pepper with feta cheese dish…As always, we eat ours in the bar.  (760) 323-5199
·         Johannes – a two-top in the bar….heaven! Get the seafood ménage…yum…Escargot too!  (760) 778-0017
·         The Falls is my favorite dining spot – Upstairs on Palm Canyon – you see all the action go by.  Get a steak and even better?  The Martini’s bubble.  Ask for Desiree and tell her Dee Dee sent you.  She’ll whip you up a Cesar Salad at the table like nobodies business.  We LOVE that stuff.
·         Purple Palm – prettiest outdoor view in all of PS!  Dinner out by the pool…Ask for Brian to be your server.  We love him!  (760) 969-1818

·         DryCleaner – CleanDry, picks up and delivers  - (760) 666-9880.  Dennis is the owner and so nice.
·         Nail Salon – Five Star up by Vista Chino (760) 322-7888 or, for convenience sake? Sunshine nails by Shermans (760) 320-1227.
·         Dog Groomer – Gypsy Groomers , Mobile Groomers - (760) 883-0275.  They come to the house.  They love the dogs and you will love the dogs more when they leave!!!
·         Hair Salon – Brien O’Brien Salon, N. Palm Canyon - (760) 778-0333.  Brien is the owner and the place if fab! Professional, helpful, you will be so pleased – I guarantee it.  Tell him Dee Dee sent you. 

·         Waxing/facials - Salon 119, Nikki - (760) 218-7590.  She takes care of business, if you know what I mean!!!