Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bloggy Boot Camp Rocks!

I am loving this Bloggy Boot Camp Shit. I don’t know if it’s the great women, or Tiffany’s amazing hair, or Heather’s sweet warmth, or maybe, the three cosmos the first night, but this has been a fucking blast.

Yes, there was the kinda scary part on the plane. You know, the part where they make you TURN OFF THE PHONE, the only source of possibly, final communications from me to the world.

OK, followed by the part where they said it’s going to be a bumpy flight and I unsnapped my seat belt to get the ativan out. (And yes, I just dry-chewed that baby.)

But I had back up: my Sweet Friend @CraftyCMC and my new GF @Mommyisdating. We were half-way to a posse, Baby.

And then that weird moment, going to the cocktail party and not quite knowing where to go or who to talk to. But you know, slap a nametag on me and it turns out, I’m good to go.

The best part? People had cameras! And I ‘m in their pictures Baby (Whether I was invited or not.)

And that fact that I had to worm myself into the group pictures? Not really an issue for me, cuz, you know, I’m Out There!

Some of the sessions on Saturday changed my life! The hilarity about Vlogging made me want to be Sugar and Kadi, well, more Sugar. Except Kadi Darlin’, now I need a Sponsor for panti-liners, cuz when an Older Mom says “I peed my pants laughing . . .”)

Loved that Spunky and Sassy AmyBHole and her Branding talk. Loved it more when she said she’d take a look at my press kit. Amy, the minute I talk with you, that puppy will be up on my website.

And Lorelie Looney Tunes! Dude – you made me cry and I wanted to run over all the rows of tables in front of me and just clutch you to my bosom. My, ah, ample bosom. (Now THAT is an earlier Blog Post.) I love you. And your big old heart.

And now, can we discuss the massive amount of undereye concealer that I need! And I didn’t even stay up late enough to jump in the pool. (I hate that – I so would have been there. But not in my clothes. I would have been naked – made my gay neighbors proud.)

Was I out there? On a scale of 1 to 10 Baby, I’m calling it a 10. (That could have the Cosmos last night.)


  1. You rocked Bloggy Boot Camp! No agoraphobia for you! Loved meeting you and can't wait to follow your adventures via Twitter/ your blog, etc. Don't think I'll ever have a martini without thinking of you again!

  2. So glad you had a great time. someday I may get up the nerve to go to something like that.

  3. You, my dear, were SO.MUCH.FUN. You are that perfect balance of crazy fun and caring mama. Seriously, your "swag bags", were hilarious and meeting you was a highlight of the conference.

    Thanks for being YOU 100% of the time- your authenticity was inspiring and your energy is contagious!

    Let's start planning that Palm Springs Weekend!

  4. It was great to meet you. But I really love you for the vodka.


  5. Hey There!! Just wanted to come check out this FABULOUS BLOG after meeting you at the Bloggy Bootcamp:) Count me in as a Follower!

    Thank you for the vodka... it is now in the emergency section of my purse (right next to the tylenol, chocolate, and lint brush) xo

  6. You my dear are an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G woman! I loved meeting and hanging with you. We need to get together again soon! XO...

  7. I loved meeting you and enjoyed chatting at dinner on saturday. you are all kinds of AWESOME.

  8. Way to put yourself "OUT THERE" - you did it 110% - AWESOME JOB and way to cheer everyone on, Tiffany is right your enthusiasm is contagious!

    Did someone say Palm Springs?? I have a place in La Quinta - count me in baby!

  9. PS - when you are ready to move over to WordPress I will hold your hand!


    we can show you all the pretty plug-ins!!

  10. Sounds like you had a GREAT time at Bloggy Boot Camp and I look forward to hearing about it! Over martini's, of course.

  11. ModChick - Uh, holding my hand when I move to Wordpress won't be quite enough. I will need spooning!

    I am so pleased to hear that my plan to win your hearts with vodka was so successful. Though I am going to make pretend that it was really me that you loved!

  12. Although I had an insane panic attack for no fucking reason before the distribution of the amazeballs swag bags were passed out (damn, I could have used that shot of vodka!), I will forever remember when I willingly offered to let you grab my boobies for crazy flashing cameras on Friday night. I mean, even before the "madness" began, we were being our mad, mad selves. xo to you and your pachinga too.

  13. Can I just start by saying I loved you WAY before the vodka? Actually, I JUST unpacked today, and hadn't even opened my swag bags yet, so it was SUCH A TREAT to open them today! Had I KNOWN there was vodka in them, I'd have opened it right then and there, and gone bottoms up...I was feeling rather tense and maybe even a little shy with the large crowd, and could have used the "loosening up".

    You know, you were one of my first meetings at Bloggy Boot Camp! I got there late, and to get seated with you lovely ladies was such an amazing treat! I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you!

  14. Isn't it fabulous the way Vodka is the gift that just keeps on bringing the joy?

    Girls - I am so glad you loved it. (I ate the last bag of cheetos yesterday, then tried to cover all the "evidence" ie orange stained fingers.)

    And the love . . . offers to hold my hand, or let me hold boobs! It's PERFECT. Bloggy Boot Camp gave me so much. I LOVED it!

  15. You might be my hero -- erm, heroine (yes, with the "e".) I signed up for the east coast Philly version of Bloggy Boot Camp bc I followed your tweets to/from there.

  16. just go on and on about how much fun you had..go on, it's ok- the rest of are pulling out razorblades to slit our wrists... Glad you had a great time! Would love to get out and meet some of you ladies in person!! I think the two of us could find just the right amount of trouble! Plus I don't actually look like June Cleaver with devil horns and a tail..


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