Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bloggy Boot Camp – "Out There"

We all picked words for 2010. My friend Dorothy, @EcoOrganizer picked “Magnetism”. My husband, @Taxes007 picked “Smarter Not Harder”. My friend Carolyn @Craftycmc said: “That’s Really Stupid.”

Anyway, I picked “Out There”.

Which should have been fucking easy since I am kind of a very Out There Girl!

I love a party, love speaking my mind, and love to discuss my pussy in mixed company.

But I found that there was something about moving out of the confines of my Palm Springs life that scares the hell out of me.

In the four months since I chose “Out There” to define my year, I have changed it once or twice… okay, fine more like 50 times to: “Never Mind”.

But the chick that said this whole ‘word’ thing was stupid reminds me every chance she gets… “What’s your word?”

Grrr… “Out There”

So I just did a photo shoot to put me and my face (I was only convinced when I was told I could wear the longest, thickest false eyelashes ever)…..“Out There”.

And I am putting together a web page. Of course I am also now laying in the fetal position, eating cheetos, chanting like Brick in the Middle “Never Mind” under my breath.

I’ve been bolder about reaching out to other bloggers. Of course one of the “Biggies”
slapped me publically on Twitter for saying I was stalking her with cheetos cuz I wanted to be her friend. Then she BLOCKED ME! And so did her other friends. (Clearly they didn’t think “stalking with Cheeto-stained fingers” was as hilarious as I did!).

Guess they didn’t get the memo about me being ‘Out There!’

That turned out to be a full week or two of changing my mind about this whole thing. I could barely tweet for a while. (Since then, using intensive Martini therapy, I have overcome those fears.)

So I am going to Bloggy Boot Camp in Phoenix this weekend (where for the love of God, I hope they teach me some stuff about blogs and sponsorship. I really want money.)
Because Damn it, I’m “Out There!” (Well, and it’s only an hour flight away and the weather is identical to Palm Springs, but my encroaching agoraphobia is a whole other blog.)

Brazenly I am putting up my website:

I am printing up business cards with my FACE on them (okay – very tiny, but still kinda “Out There”). I am bringing Goodie Bags for everyone (hey, I didn’t say anything about overcoming my need to buy affection).

I am bringing Press Kits for my one woman show, which I am positive no one wants, nor will anyone come see when it debuts in the Fall. (I am getting a bit ill just typing this…. Can you hear me whispering ‘never mind’ into my shirt?)

I have about half of a book written, which I am sure no one wants to hear about or read. (Talking about this is SO embarrassing.)

Plus, I am an older Mommy, and I hate that! So I will have a very busy week of coloring my roots and well, it is probably too late to get some botox. Now I will be exposed and I am pretty sure I will be shunned cuz of my advanced age.

But I am getting on that fucking plane. Even though leaving my 760 area code gives me stomach cramps and dry mouth. Nothing a little martini at the airport won’t cure. (What Honey? My plane leaves at 9:30 in the morning? And your point would be what exactly?)

Bloggy Boot Camp – I have my vodka, cheetos and pictures.

Here I come, Phoenix!

You ready for me to be “Out There?”

Never Mind.


  1. You will have a blast! I went to the one in Baltimore and learned so much and had such a good time that I signed up for Philly :)

  2. Great post!! Be "Out there"!!
    I've found that blogging requires a certain bit of used car salesman whore-ishness!!!
    And, like you, I also like to talk about my pussy in mixed company!! lol Nice post!!!

  3. Dear Gawd Dee Dee, you have succeeded in scaring the shit out of me. And I thought this weekend was supposed to be fun! Press kits? Business cards? I'm apparently going to be pulling some all nighters between now and then. Thankfully I have a well-stocked cellar.

  4. Can't wait to meet you -- I love people who are willing to be "out there."

  5. I'll be there with my party pants on - look forward to hangin' with you!

  6. After reading this, I SO can't wait to meet you in Phoenix!

  7. Lauren - I would prefer to meet you without your party pants on, but that's how I roll! : )

    Chelsea and Amy - I am better with liquor. Just so you know. xxxx

    Piper - Good, call me when you are pulling an all nighter!!! We are going to have fun. There will be vodka and kissing. And we'll find you some male energy at the bar. Cuz I read your tweet about Estrogen overload. And it made me cry and cry and cry... ; )

    Moby - Soon we'll have to get together and clear out the room talking about our Pussies. Somewhere, I wrote a blog post about mine (of course!)

  8. Fun! I want some of your swag( are we too old to say that?) I absolutely adore false eyelashes that I have toyed with the idea of getting eyelash extensions! Have fun! And share the wisdom:-)

  9. OMG, I am soooo excited to meet you! I have a feeling you will be lots of fun! Word of warning... the "P" word makes me squirm. Maybe I shouldn't tell you that.

    Shoot.. did it again.

    My word? Inspire. :)

  10. I'm sure everyone will love you and if they don't well, fuckem!
    I think your funny and enjoy your tweets. If I lived nearby I would go to your show.
    Have a great time.

  11. you go girl. screw that person that blocked you. if i see her (ok, i don't know who it is, but if i did) i would throw cheet-os at her.

    god, i love cheet-os.

    oh, where were we? oh yeah. i think you are incredible. you are going to rock boot camp. can't wait to hear about it.

  12. I like your whole "word to define the year" thing. I believe that mine will be, "Blow Me".

  13. Mr. Reed - Good choice.

    Ms. Slow Panic - You know a girl has got your back when she'll throw cheetos at people who hurt your feelings!!! *I feel loved*

  14. Hey, some of the bloggers/tweeters seem to have let all this go to their heads. They have risen to a greater "level". Thinking are better than everyone else then they are leaving part of their audience behind. I have left a few comments to some who never grace me back with a comment so get the hint and just leave it at that... I thought it was all just for fun, but found out that is not the case! But, I am having fun for me so that is all that matters, right??!

  15. Oh girl- you will fit right in.

    Vodka AND Cheetos? I'm sitting by you.

    Seriously- it will be so much fun.

    Can't wait to meet you!


  16. Tiffany - Temecula and PS, almost to Phoenix! And I'll try not to touch you with my orange Cheetos fingers! Hugs!

    Weekend Cowgirl! Darlin! I’ve always been scatterbrained #andtechnoilliterate

    I'm so sorry, cuz I’ve responded to a few of your blog comments, but you’re a “no reply address”. Maybe a Blogspot vs. Wordpress issue?

    Give me your opinion - can I leave comments here on my BlogSpot Post or is it better if I do something personal? Send me your email – I’ll talk to you any time!

  17. Getting on the plane finally tomorrow with my steamer trunk and cheetos.

  18. I wasn't talking about YOU! The comments I made were about Twitter! You can tell what "level" you are when the "biggies" do not answer you (even when you are being nice or asking a question). Anyway, I enjoy your blog and love Twitter with you!!!!! Have fun at Bloggie Boot Camp. Maybe I can come to one sometime!! And... Cheetos are my favorite thing and many times are a main course for me.

  19. Have FUN!(says the blogger who is in the league just "under" the minor leagues)Women should support each other. Geesh!

  20. They will love you. I can't imagine why they wouldn't. Have a great time being "out there"!


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