Thursday, April 15, 2010

Uncork the Vodka Baby! It’s April 15th!

April 15th is the biggest holiday of the year in our household. My husband is a CPA and we have an accounting firm, with a couple of locations.

I take great pride in having tripled the size of our business in the past five years. I’m all about growth, expansion, efficiency, customer service. I’m good at that kinda thing. I’m the Director of Big Picture thinking. (Whatever you do, please don’t ask me a tax question. I’ll just tell you to call your accountant. Then I’ll give you our office phone number. Cuz I’m always working it.)

And I am the kinda girl that thinks Bigger is Better. (You’re welcome Honey.)

I always thought “Less is More” is the stupidest saying on earth. (Well, that and the one about “nothing tastes better than being thin feels!)

So we’ve grown this wonderful accounting practice that pays our bills, with a little bit left over for shoes (for ME! Who cares about the rest of my family.) But the downside is, from January through April we are one pretty stressed-out family.

I rarely see my husband and when I do, all we do is talk about the business, the calendar and office problem solving.

He has dinner with us a few nights a week, but it’s a quickie, then he’s back to the office until midnight. Most mornings he’s gone before the kids wake up.

This is the life we have chosen and the life we have created. It is a life that works for us. But for a couple months of the year, my kids get kinda edgy, we all get really tired from the long hours and then , my husband and I can’t remember why we married each other. (Seriously, the duress does make us both wonder what on earth we are doing!)

We have a siege mentality: eat fast food, skip showers, sporadic attendance at Soccer practices, weeping (I’m not referring to the kids), temper tantrums (again, not the kids), minimize the kids injuries cuz there really is no time to go to the doctor, tring to use a tone of voice other than pure exasperation etc.

Hey, not that we don’t operate that way all year long (it’s a full service accounting firm after all) but the stress of tax season makes us all a little bloated and oddly pale.

But it is April 15th! And we are done! Don’t call our office CUZ WE ARE NOT TAKING YOUR CALLS!

You can find us at the local bar. We’ll be swilling some booze. We’ll be the only people in Palm Springs that aren’t rocking some kind of bronze skin thing. We won’t be that fresh either. But we’ll be the happiest drunks in the place.

It will be like a combination of Mardi Gras and New Years Eve all in one. It is our big holiday of the year. So toast us, and save your tax questions for May.


  1. Being part of your daily lives since November, (oh my goodness, it's been almost 6 months) I personally think you ALL have held it together pretty darn well! Ahhh, April 15th, salute!

  2. I'm glad you guys made it through another tax season. and I know zappos thanks you as well....

  3. Here's to you. *clink*

    I have a client who is in accountancy, and we like to joke about the deep, dark, dank tax prison he's going to have me sent to if I ever steer him wrong.

  4. The photo makes me love you even more!!! Congrats on making it through! Again!

    I feel that we live parallel lives! We have "chosen" a hellish at times, but profitable life where we never see each other but hey some has to pay the shoe bill..

  5. Dee, your blog is amazingly raw, honest, and I love it. I can't wait to meet you in person - yeah, so like when is that going to be????? I am taking lessons from your rawness, and am impressed with you. I have a tendency to get caught up in the "what other people think" mode at times. I realize it's all insecurity and I just need to be okay with me, exactly how I am today, and love every moment of it. YOU are amazing. You have touched my heart and you are an inspiration! XXOO.

  6. Hope you had a heck of a celebration!!!


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