Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Living in Gay Town…Ode to Palm Springs

This is a departure from my normal, Bitter Mommy Rant. in the life of TheDeeView, well we live it in Gay Town. And we fucking love it.

A town filled with gay people is a town with a fun party scene and all the houses look fabulous – inside and out. But what we really love, is the open-minded, all accepting vibe that living in here in Palm Springs brings.

Our daughters joyously wave at drag queens and have attended two gay weddings. (My youngest still wondered where the hell the bride was. She knew that the two men were getting married but she still didn’t understand why there wasn’t a white gown involved.)

And there is nothing like being at a cocktail party and having someone introduce you to their husband/partner and their husband/partner. It is a *Big Love* thing except without the weird hair dos, and the pussies. It is a town where the terms *top* and *bottom* no longer refer to which shelf the spare jar of mayonnaise is on.

These boys throw the most fabulous parties, where everyone has a good time. But there is a witching hour when the booze has been flowing and everyone is feeling loose.

Um…yeah, that’s kinda when shirts start to come off and boys start looking at each other with something other than cocktail laughter in their eye. That is when it is time for the Straight People To Go Home.

Of course, at that hour, my husband is also nice and liquored up and in the middle of telling stories himself. He’ll say: Let’s stay a little longer. We now have a deal.

When I say: Baby it is TIME to go, he gets that it is TIME TO GO.

These gay boys like to do things without their clothes on. Hike (really, what about branches and large cactus? And hello? It is Palm Springs – the SUN FACTOR!), hang out, party, paint (again, really? And what about the paint smears on your . . . never mind).

We have a rule in our ‘hood: We call first before stopping by.

(Or get an eyeful.)

@Taxes007 and I are both only children. My parents are gone, so essentially, we have no family. But our children are so blessed to have our gay friends.

One is a doctor who doesn’t love kids, BUT when our girls our sick, they call his name at the top of their lungs. Cuz they are sure he is the one who can make them feel better.

(Those house calls are expensive though. In our ‘hood you gotta keep that Kettle One stocked up and on the shelves.)

When our doggie died, it was the gay boys that rushed over with cards and gifts and love.

Our emergency call list at the school? Filled with our gay friends and neighbors.

Decorating advice? Well, they are NOT those kind of gays. (As they often tell me.) Which is fine, cuz hello . . . I can rock Mid Century Modern better than any gay guy in any town.

Hey, we even bought a little place in the mountains so our daughters would be exposed to straight people.

We thought it was important that they understand that men and women can get married too.

We wanted them to know that love transcends gender: that woman and men can love each other just like two men.

We need them to understand that straight people are fully contributing members of society also.

Who knew?

Life in Gay Town. We fucking love it. Bring your kids.


  1. seriously i am questioning the whole men and women living together in peace and contributing to society -- based solely on the research done in my marriage.

    'nuff said.

  2. I have lived in a lot of cities, 5 in the past two years! We moved to Palm Springs in May of 2009, we are now HOME. Received a great welcome from everyone in town. We love our gays and our straights as well. If you haven't been to Palm Springs, you should plan a trip! @thedeeview makes great martinis the gays throw great parties and I supply great child care, some of my best children have two dads!

  3. You are hilarious and posts like these are why I gave you a shout out in my latest blog post.

  4. I love your take on this post. :) You are one fabulous chica. :)

  5. I live in a gay town, too. The inside joke is that the heteros are bringing down the property values.

  6. great post! have a martini, you've earned it - sharin' the love

  7. Cindy ~ clpstudioMay 13, 2010 at 10:09 AM

    Sounds like quite the gayborhood - and a fun one at that! Lucky you!

  8. which coincidentally the mountains is where all the "gay" stuff happens for "straight" people.


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