Sunday, November 7, 2010

Uh . . . Face waxing is dangerous

So I had a weird week. By “weird” I mean I think I’m falling apart.

I went and got my face waxed. Now a year ago I would have asked WHY?

But now that I’m 51 and on hormones, uh, it appears there is a dramatic uptick in the growth of facial hair.

So the hot flashes are contained, but there is a wooly mammoth on my flipping face.

Also, I started using Retin A this year. Oooo, it makes my skin look lovely. (Maybe I just think it’s lovely cuz I can’t really see it through all that fur. Well, that and my eyes are shot too.)

It also makes the skin kinda thin. So I stop using it 5 days before my waxing.

Turns out, that wasn’t quite enough. Cuz when she waxed my face, my skin came off with the wax. Well, parts of the skin.

So I have scabs all over the lower part of my face. Hmmm.

Then I go to the knee doctor cuz since I’ve been trying to exercise more, I hurt my knee.

Torn meniscus. OhhhKayyy.

Then on Friday morning, I wake up with an eye infection. How do I know it is an eye infection? Cuz I went to the doctor. With my scabby face and yes, I was limping.

So here I am in my quest for fitness and beauty:

Blotchy face. Limpy/Gimpy. Red swollen eye.

Yeah – I rock.

And I need a veil. #helpme


  1. This post is hilarious and the pic is fab! I hope your knee, eye and face heal quickly though they do make for good blogging. xxoo,

  2. Hey Sista - I miss you!!! Growing old is Hell, Hell I tell you. But I'm still having so much fun! Me and my hot flashes, facial hair, gimpy knee and all. Fortunately, none of that interferes with fine dining and COCKTAILS!!! xxx Dee Dee

  3. Don't get face waxed! Go to Dr and get the cream that stops hair growth!!!

  4. Get your faced threaded instead and hire a personal trainer!



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