Thursday, March 11, 2010

Golden Moment, No Really. No I'm Serious.

This may be the Golden Moment of my Day. I write a lot of bitter shit in this blog, cuz, well . . . I’m bitter.

But truthfully, having a kid with health problems and a lifelong struggle with illness and surgeries of my own, I do make note every day of the Golden Moments. And actually, right now, our whole lives are functioning in a Golden Period: everyone’s health is stable, we are weathering the economic downturn (though we work way too hard to make a mortgage payment on a house that is worth almost ½ what we paid), our business is thriving, my kids are doing well in school. Okay we had two dogs drop dead last month, but in the scope of what we’ve been through with our youngest daughter, a couple of beloved doggie deaths are really nothing.

And I sit at my computer, looking out the window of my Palm Springs dream house. I see sunlight coming up, I see the pool and the yummy yard and the house is quiet. My Blondie Baby (10 yo) is sitting quietly reading her book, the dog is gently licking his private parts, my little Glowie is still asleep and so is The Tax Man.

It is a Golden Moment of quiet in this house. The ‘hood is not awake, dogs are not barking, trash trucks are not pulling up the streets. No one is yelling – get your lunch, don’t forget your book, did you remember to put on sunscreen, (hey, this is Palm Springs People), get the dog’s leash, let’s go, LET’S GO, LET’S GO!!!

And as soon as the little one gets up (which means her mouth wakes up, in high gear) and the household get’s moving (NEVER fast enough for me!) and it gets noisy and the girls start fighting and then tattling on one another, and the Tax Man does everything wrong, this Golden Moment will be lost. And then I can resume the mantle of the bitter mother.



  1. I love those quiet moments. They are way way to rare.

    Hope you find another.

  2. This is one of the posts that I wish would continue. This is like one of my reality shows, only it's not on enough channels or on enough times and I can't freakin TiVo it!

  3. YAY, now I can comment on your blog! Thanks. I am enjoying your blog.

  4. Holy frik, just read your last few posts, & I swear we were separated at birth....yet you somehow wound up in Palm Springs & I wound up in Toronto....frikkin figures, all just a part of my Griswald life....anywho, had to comment, cause I LMAO & totally relate....will follow for sure now!!


  5. Ahhh... Life on the Granvia is never boring. Christmas village lights in July across the street, and the damned nudists next door. Oh, wait. I'm that neighbor. I don't bark but I do wish I could gently lick my privates. Luck dog.


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