Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sick Kid, But What About My Needs?

My kid woke up sick today. Poor baby. I hate this. Cuz it totally ruins my plans for the day. You know, my plans to Tweet, blog, read other people’s tweets, maybe look at the paper, talk to my office staff – via email, in my nightie, eat lunch in private, talk to people on the phone while swearing relentlessly, and use the F word while working up my To Do List (for tomorrow, cuz if my kid is home sick today, I can’t get anything done.)

So we said: No school today, you have a runny nose and a cough. It’s a lay in bed day, read a book, chicken noodle soup for lunch. She went in her room. 30 minutes later she was hysterically pleading to be allowed to go where she could be “socially loved”. She missed her friends. The bell hadn’t even rung, and this child who, three years ago, was so shy she couldn’t speak, missed her friends.

So I sent my kid to school today. Hey, it is a cold. It’s not like she was puking. (If she was puking I would have sent her with extra lunch bags.) I sent her with lots of cough drops, Kleenex and instructions to call me if she couldn’t make it through the day. Then I did a happy dance. Hello Twitter.

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  1. This morning my 11 year old said, "it's Friday! the only school day we al love" and i was thinking 'oh baby, i love each and every day you go to school. each and every one.'


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