Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ah Facebook . . . We need to talk

Dear FaceBook,

I have something I have to tell you. You aren’t going to like this. And this is really hard for me to say, but I have left you for another social networking site.

Our thing was really good while it lasted. And it’s totally not you, it’s me.

I just need to follow my heart (and I know, because you love me, that you want the best for me). I need to be with someone who can make me laugh in 140 characters. Everything with us just goes on and on. And in your heart, you know it’s true.

I know we both thought we had found “the one”. But it turns out; I think you were my MySpace rebound. I’m thinking this was just a phase.

Also, I know this is shallow, but frankly, I need to be with someone younger. I know that when we got together, everyone thought I was a little old for you. But you know, I’m really a young soul. And now, it’s time to move on and follow my heart.

But what we had was completely real. I loved you. We had really fun times: shared a few secrets, watched some great clips, learned a lot about politics and made great friends together.

I understand that you don’t want this to be happening. And it kills me to hurt you. So we can keep in touch, check in every now and then. But I need to warn you in advance, this new Social Networking Site, we are thinking about becoming exclusive.

For now, can we just be Friends?



PS: Ummmm . . . obviously not going on that Valentine’s Day Cruise. Hope you are okay by yourself.


  1. I hear ya! I have a neverending love/hate relationship with Facebook as well. But as of now, I am hopelessly addicted and am not yet ready to break it off. I am two-timing it with Twitter... lol


  2. Ha ha! On my blog I wrote a letter like that, but to twitter! And yet... I couldn't stay away.

  3. The time of your great post was interesting. I have definitely found myself on Twitter much more often than on Facebook. My cafe and farms are suffering!

  4. Haha, love it. Especially the MySpace rebound. But Friendster doesn't even get a mention?

  5. Great post! I find myself checking in with facebook less and less. I don't have the time for it anymore--than, and I'm addicted to twitter. :D

  6. I still prefer blogging and Twitter to Facebook. There is an air of phony and annoyance on Facebook that I don't get elsewhere.

  7. Love facebook for my new found relationship with faraway family. Love twitter because we have fun and keep it simple!! For now I will keep both...
    Thanks for sharing...


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