Friday, February 12, 2010

I’ve got issues (surprise, surprise)…TRINA TURK

I’ve got issues with the designer Trina Turk. I am lovin’ the Palm Springs lifestyle and the Trina Turk store is so representative of that. I love her fabrics and her styles. Bold, bright, and okay, the prices are too high for me but still. I drool each time I look at her store windows.

So what’s wrong with this love affair? She stops her clothes at a size 12. Size 12??? She makes me love her clothes then doesn’t make anything that actually fits over my fucking thighs? (But I can buy a throw pillow for $118 – one size fits all.)

Same thing with premium jeans – 7 for all Mankind, Diesel, True Religion etc – top off at 10 or 12. (Btw, while I was researching these brands, I just bought a sweater from What the fuck? What about the fat girls?

Really, forever I have to wear “Not Your Daughters Jeans”? (Which I am embarrassed to say, I love! But that is not the fucking point)

During this economy, I think all retailers should be kissing the fat girls’ ass. It is a guaranteed growth demographic. There are a whole bunch of us and we aren’t getting any smaller!

And speaking of Department Stores – Can we talk about the plus size departments? At my Macy’s the Plus Department it is in the Basement with the kids clothes (and the men’s department, but hey – I don’t care about them).

Then at Nordstrom, they call the plus department “Encore”. Really? Encore? The skinny girls get “Point of View” and “Narrative”, “Brass Plum”. The big girls get “Encore”. Why don’t they just call it “Finale, before you stroke out”.

So you know what, Fancy-pants-name-brands? I’ll just take my big bag of Plus-Size-Fashion money and shop somewhere else!

And if I find a pair of jeans that I like, that like me, I’m going to buy them in every color – light denim, dark denim, medium denim. No, I’ll buy two in each color – one for high heels, one for flats.

Take THAT Trina!!!

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